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MDP Programme

Our Management Development Programme was developed to give individuals the opportunity to progress within Applegreen and develop their skills further. By developing these Skills we can confidently place them on their career path with the right competency levels to perform to the highest standards. 

Across all areas of the business we have colleagues that have the potential to manager their own sites and become the rising stars of the future.

Mission Statement:

  • To prepare highly skilled professionals to assume roles and positions in operations,
  • leadership, and human development.
  • To provide training programs based on proven best practice, knowledge acquisition, reflective inquiry, critical thinking, and respect for the learner.
  • To continuously develop a dynamic development programme through continuous evaluation to ensure maximum training effectiveness. 

Participants get a better understanding of the following:

  • Daily Tasks and Procedures
  • Overall Knowledge of the business  
  • Participants become independent thinkers  
  • Employees have the opportunity to progress which increases retention.
  • Participants are much more informed in how to be a leader.
  • Allows Participants to show their innovative and Creative ideas that can benefit the Business.  

At a professional level Applegreen Promote a culture of Talent Development and retain competent colleagues through high levels of Motivation and Personal Development. At a personal level the programme will help develop behaviours, knowledge and skills that will help get them on the road to fulfilling their career goals.

Structure / Duration  

The below modules are delivered over 9 months through interactive works shops.

  • Customer Service  
  • Food  
  • Health and safety  
  • Back office  
  • Management Accounts  
  • HR  
  • Challenge Day  


Each module has a mentor dedicated to assisting in the growth and development of the participants even after the workshop has been completed. Each mentor has particular expertise in their area and is available to help development participants throughout the programme.       

Applegreen Stores

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Industry: Retail
Company Size: 5001 - 10.000 Employees
Founded In: 1992

Established in 1992 in Ireland, Applegreen is a major petrol forecourt retailer in the Republic of Ireland, with a significant presence in the United Kingdom, and in the US.

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